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You’re beautiful! Vocabulary for beauty bloggers
 If you are: a) a girl b) enjoy watching beauty tutorials and reading blogs about make-up trends and hairstyles, this article is definitely for you, keep reading! We’ll learn some basic vocabulary to help you understand the beauty industry and who knows! – maybe even became a beauty vlogger yourself!
 Beauty routine
 We all know how important it is to take good care of our skin on a daily basis. So we usually start the day by washing our face with a cleanser and rinsing it with a massage sponge or face cloth. After that you would wipe your face with a toner using a cotton pad. Time for some face cream! A moisturizer with some sun protection (SPF 15-30) is usually enough. Go ahead and apply that eye cream, too! Just avoid any rubbing movements not to damage the gentle skin around the eye area.
Before going to bed you really should remove all makeup – otherwise it may result in clogged pores and even breakouts – and you don’t want that. Facial cleanser and eye make-up remover do the trick, but try using oils (like baby oil, for instance). Your skin tone will become more even and the skin more nourished and repaired. Then you apply night cream and you’re ready for bed!
Make Up
We’re not huge fans of caking on lots of makeup, but occasionally we all have got that one date when we have to be absolutely flabbergastingly dazzling! So start by applying some foundation or BB cream. You can correct the oval of your face or give it a suntanned look with bronzing powder. To hide the spots or blemishes or even the under-eye dark sircles, use a concealer.
Apply some eye shadow on your eyelids. To define you eyes or make a sexy cat-eye, use a pencil or liquid eyeliner. Just make sure not to end up with a Cleopatra effect. You can use an eyelash curler to make your eyelashes appear longer, but you can reach a similar effect with a proper mascara: lengthening, volumising, lash defining, curling etc. You can use false eyelashes, too! But we’re always worried they will fall into our soup in the middle of fancy dinner or something.
Now let’s deal with that seductive pout! To give your lips more definition, use a lipliner or a lip pencil. Apply some bright lipstick or nude lipgloss – and you’re ready to go! In winter all of us have to sometimes substitute lipstick for lip balm if our lips get chapped.
Beauty Parlour
For a glowing complexion the beauticians might offer you a facial, which is a good way to cleanse and remove dead skin. At home a good facial scrub usually does the trick. Face massage is another way to improve circulation in your tissues. Um, give us more of these, please!
You can also get a manicure or a pedicure (if you’re not too ticklish) and the hairdresser can help you choose the best hairstyle to suit your hair type and personality. They might scrub your scalp and use fancy conditioner to help detangle the hair. After you’re given a haircut your hair will be blow dryed. And some hairspray or styling putty will finish the image!
If you’re in the mood for a change, a hairstylist may suggest that you dye your hair a different colour, or make highlights or lowlights. Or even dye your hair in rainbow colours, why not? Alternatively, they could make your hair curly using the rollers or give you a perm for a more long-term effect. Or if you are naturally curly, help you straighten you hair with a flat iron hair straightener. For a happy event you can choose to make an up-do like a French twist or a bun or a beautiful fishtail braid.
You can also have some special procedures like waxing/depilating your legs (but beware, it hurts!), trimming, shaping or dyeing your eyebrows, sun tanning, mud baths, oxygen therapy and many more.
Next step
So, what to do next? If you are serious about beauty, we highly recommend you check out the beauty vlogs of the most respected ones in this industry:
 Zoella – the pseudonym of Zoe Sugg, who was proclaimed Britain’s best vlogger in 2014, makes TV appearances, wrote a book and has 7.5 million subscribers – do you need more convincing? Add the cutest British accent on top.
 Michelle Phan – has been in the industry for a while, created her own make-up line and a style guide.
Tanya Burr – creates celebrity-inspired make up tutorials, cooking and baking videos and brand shopping hauls. Check her out!
Kandee Johnson –  will teach you how to shape your face and style your clothes to look exactly like Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox or Barbie.
Bethany Mota – has charmed the audience with her creative personality, featuring DIY tutorials, easy-to-do beauty and fashion.
And then what? Create your own vlog! Start with something simpler, like your everyday beauty routine (you have all vocabulary you need to make it in English now!) and then move on to creating more complex tutorials like specific makeup looks and style guides. You can go through your wardrobe and base your recommendations on what you would wear on specific occasions (date night, office meeting, one-day trip to the mountains, ladie’s night out and so on). You can give recommendations of make up and cosmetics brands that you use. Being a vlogger is so exciting and not that hard at all!
So, looking forward to your comments and beauty blogs and vlogs inspired by this article, and stay beautiful!

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