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New Year Slang
If Christmas is the time to be with your family, New Year is definitely a party time. It is a time to celebrate all good that will happen in the next year by getting very drunk. Here are some «rules» to make any New Year celebration a truly unforgettable experience!
Rule 1
Celebrate with your pals, not your fam. Go to a pub which has a Happy Hour with cocktails at reduced prices and get buzzed, buying each other rounds of drinks.
Rule 2
While doing that, don’t forget about your New Year’s resolutions – things you promise to quit doing in the coming year, but end up doing anyway. Resolve to give up drinking, for example.
Rule 3
Listen to the Bells – ideally, under the Big Ben in London. Or at least switch on the TV and listen to the BBC broadcast of the chime. Sing Auld Lang Syne to remember old friends – even if you only know the first line!
Rule 4
Troll your friends or family. If you do end up celebrating at home, play a joke on your loved ones by giving them silly gifts: a box of boxes, an onion instead of caramel apple, random thrift store items in Iphone/Lego boxes. Fun guaranteed!
Rule 5
Head to the craziest club in your town. Be rude to the bouncer. Get kicked out. Find a window into the toilet and get in anyway. The bartender is a beautiful tattooed young woman. She says your drink is on the house. The countdown starts – HNY! – and unexpectedly you start snogging the beautiful bartender. She shouts at you, the bouncer kicks you out again.
Rule 6
Don’t be upset about this fact, because it is the new year already! Try to call a cab in vain and then walk home. Lie on your bed. At least this New Year’s you have made an effort to live it differently than all the other ones. And it’s the effort that counts. Tomorrow you’ll spoil your relatives’ holiday by first-footing their home, because you are not anywhere near being tall, dark or handsome. And it is alright, because you know you have survived yet another New Year.
Happy New Year!

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