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31.10.2018 Интересно об английском, Статьи
Сленг, без которого ты не знал, как жил, часть II
Summer Edition
     When the summer comes, you’ll be able to say: “It’s hella hot outside today!”, meaning really, really hot.
With all the rooftop, swimming pool and beach parties your friends are organizing, you will be suffering from a severe FOMO when you are not doing something equally exciting.
If you do decide to go to that party, make sure you wear that one dress that makes you look sickening! Don’t forget to make sure your eyebrows and make-up are on fleek, too.
Once you’re there, don’t forget to spend some time spilling the tea about your ex’s new date.
Whatever you do, enjoy it and don’t forget to get turnt!
Adapted from:
23 Slang Words and Phrases You Should Know in 2015.

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