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31.10.2018 Интересно об английском, Статьи
Сленг, без которого ты не знал, как жил, часть I
    If you watch films in English or Youtube videos, you probably hear a lot of slang expressions – those are words or phrases particular to the social group the speaker represents. Slang takes its origin in gang talk or language of particular professional formations, however, today we are focusing mainly on slang which originates in the pop culture.
If you have got a nice crib, you probably have a Beamer, too. The former word has possibly come into being after the MTV show “Welcome to my crib”. As for the latter, a joking explanation is that this kind of car “beams” on the streets.
If you are a well-off person, you can afford to buy your wife or girlfriend some cute bling as well. When you are in good humour, you probably call your partner bae because they come “before anyone else”.

If one day you embarrass yourself on the Internet, for example by writing “ounce” instead of “once”, people may facepalm you. You then may say you did it for the lulz.  In a different scenario, you may take it so close to the heart that you might decide to jump off the roof of your house, because you know, YOLO.
People around you would probably say you’re extra. But the most important thing is that you know you’re snatched!

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